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At Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas we want to keep you in good health and to be better informed when making your family's medical decisions.  The Healthy Dose is designed for easy access to the latest in medical advances and technology.

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HealthyDose Fall 2015  
Fall 2015

Inside This Issue:

Health News

Getting ready for knee replacement surgery

6 ways to outsmart the flu this season

Exercise snacks: keeping workouts short and sweet

Stroke interventions: know your options

Chicken vegetable soup with kale

HealthyDose Summer 2015  
Summer 2015

Inside This Issue:

Health News

13 ideas for 60 minutes of family fun (and fitness!)

Women: Don't play the waiting game

Chill, baby, chill: Staying cool when it's hot outside

Fiesta lettuce wraps and pepper boats

Your guide to farmers markets

HealthyDose Spring 2015  
Spring 2015

Inside This Issue:

Health News

Follow-up care for cancer survivors is key

Don’t accept arthritis pain, defy it!

Walking your way to better knees

What is thirdhand smoke?

First aid for sunburn, stings and poison ivy

Take a peak at our new website!

HealthyDose Fall 2014  
Fall 2014

Inside This Issue:

Health News

Parenting applications are just what the doctor ordered

Three-bean chili with chunky tomatoes

5 tips for a healthier holiday meal

Heart-y food for a healthy heart

Fight daytime sleepiness with exercise

Health plan open enrollment starts in the fall

BHSET Summer 2014  
Summer 2014

Inside This Issue:

Excellence in cardiac care

Help for valvular heart disease


On-the-go health tools

Do not ignore that pain in your legs

Focus on balance with exercise

Diabetes: Your eyes’ worst enemy

BHSET Spring 2014  
Spring 2014

Inside This Issue:

Your heart is in the right place

6 secrets to feeling young at heart

Joint surgery requires joint effort!

Infusion Centers at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas

On-the-go health tools

The new health insurance marketplace and you

BHSET Fall 2013  
Fall 2013

Inside This Issue:

Early cancer detection saves lives

Understanding valvular heart disease

Stop dizziness and enjoy life again

5 ways to ward off cancer

Breathe easy: Managing COPD

BHSET Summer 2013  
Summer 2013

Inside This Issue:

A commitment to comprehensive cancer care

Depressed? Help is available

On-the-go Health Tools

Make the right moves to avoid knee injuries

For kids only: New Albert E. and Gena Reaud Children’s Emergency Center opens

BHSET Spring 2013  
Spring 2013

Inside This Issue:

National recognition for perioperative nursing certification

Protect children and pets from household poisons

Telemedicine technology: New opportunities for advances in care

Screening for lung cancer

Eating for better health

BHSET HealthyDose Fall 2012  
Fall 2012

Inside This Issue:

A first in the nation

Keeping apace of atrial fibrillation

How is your hearing?

What is palliative care?

Sleep disorders, what you need to know

BHSET HealthyDose Summer 2012  
Summer 2012

Inside This Issue:

Excellence in nursing, excellence in care

Small incisions, big results

Fighting lung cancer

Clearing the air

Prostate cancer Our treatments offer hope

Checkups every guy should get

BHSET HealthyDose Spring 2012  
Spring 2012

Inside This Issue:

The picture of safety

A tender gift

Things to know before taking your child to the ER

Taming your teen

Say no to pain

Is memory loss cause for concern?

BHSET HealthyDose Winter 2012  
Winter 2012

Inside This Issue:

We care for you and your heart

A better view of you

Let the recovery begin

Easing “test” anxiety

After a heart attack: What is next?

BHSET HealthyDose Fall 2011  
Fall 2011

Inside This Issue:

Quality is our top priority

New ways to detect your risk of heart disease

The power of a promise

Infusion therapy close to home

How to tell when your child is too sick to go to school

BHSET HealthyDose Summer 2011  
Summer 2011

Inside This Issue:

Healthcare that clicks

Stop stroke in its tracks!

6 ways to prevent breast cancer

Get “hip” to replacement surgery

The wacky world of wheels

BHSET HealthyDose Spring 2011  
Spring 2011

Inside This Issue:

Take time today for a healthier tomorrow

Is COPD taking your breath away?

Between the beats

Does cancer run in your family?

Helping families in crisis

            Dose Winter 2011   Winter 2011

Inside This Issue:

Protect yourself from the flu

Dealing with a diabetes diagnosis

Cancer screenings

Fight the flu

Something more than forgetfulness?
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