Pet Partner Volunteer Program

The Baptist Beaumont Hospital Pet Partners volunteer program has become a success in caring for the lives of our patients. Pet Partners are human-animal teams who visit people in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, adult day care centers and rehab centers. Pet Partner teams are highly trained and have passed stringent evaluations.

Volunteering at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast TexasPet Partner visits and presence in patient therapy has proved to be a positive one. In fact, studies have shown that physical contact with a pet can lower high blood pressure, and improve survival rates for heart attack victims. The presence of an animal during painful procedures reduced the distress level of both children and adults. 
Many skills can be learned or improved with the assistance of a therapy animal. Patient rehabilitation can be encouraged by such activities as walking or running with a dog or throwing objects for the animal to retrieve. Fine motor skills may be developed by petting, grooming or feeding the animal. Patient   communication is encouraged by the response of the animal to either verbal or physical commands. Activities such as writing or talking about the therapy animals or past pets also develop thinking skills and communication. These are benefits that can be enjoyed by pet owners and by non-pet owners from visiting animals.
The Baptist Beaumont volunteer program, in partnership with Southeast Texas Paws 4 Love – Therapy Animals, holds periodic workshops and evaluation courses for both Delta and Intermountain Therapy Animals, both of which are accepted for visitation at Baptist Hospitals.
Volunteering at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas
For questions regarding Baptist Hospital’s Pet Partner volunteer program contact the Volunteer Services Department at (409) 212-5808 or

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For more information on Delta Society and Intermountain Therapy Animals, visit their websites: