Hugs Infant Security

The Hugs Infant Security System delivers an unprecedented level of security against infant abduction, yet requires little administration and training. Trusted by hundreds of hospitals worldwide, the Hugs Security System offers the reliability that you and your staff can depend on every day to keep your infants safe.
Here is how the Hugs system works. Every infant in your unit wears a Hugs tag with a unique ID number on the ankle, and ever exit point is electronically monitored to detect the tags. This means staff and family can move infants freely within the protected zone, but no one can remove an infant from the unit without your staff being alerted. 
While bringing mother and baby together the security system will alert you to a wrong match. By adding this system to the Women’s Services at Baptist Beaumont Hospital, it allows for an easy, effective and electronic enhancement to manual band-matching systems. Each mother wears a small, comfortable Hugs monitoring tag. It is bonded with her infant’s tag at firth and for the duration of their hospital stay. Every time the two are brought together, an audible signal from the infant’s tag immediately alerts you of a mismatch – even if there are other infants in the room. There is nothing to visually check or match, just the clear sound of the monitoring component ensures your baby’s safety.